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Discover the power of Dawn’s impact-driven approach as a speaker and facilitator. Her transformative storytelling breathes life into even the most complex topics, inspiring audiences to take action and make a positive impact on their communities.

Dawn can be described as a thought leader in online security for families due to her 25+ years of extensive experience and expertise in information and cybersecurity. As an award-winning cybersecurity expert, a #1 international best-selling author, and a master storyteller, Dawn has a deep understanding of the potential risks and threats associated with online activity and the practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to protect children’s online privacy and security.

Don’t settle for a forgettable speaker – choose Dawn and witness the positive, long-lasting impact she will create for your audience.”

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Dawn McCarty

A Thought Leader With Super Powers

A Cyber Safety Expert your Audience will Enjoy Listening to, Every Time!

Having secured the prestigious title of ‘Cybersecurity Woman of the Year‘ in 2021, Dawn is more than an industry expert—she’s a force of transformation in the realm of digital safety.

Dawn’s true superpower lies in her unique storytelling approach. She masterfully unwraps the complex world of cybersecurity, not through complex jargon but through captivating narratives. By inviting her audience to see themselves as characters in these stories, she triggers a profound shift in their understanding and perception of online safety.

Her method simplifies online safety and cybersecurity, making it accessible and engaging, and never overwhelming. Dawn’s primary goal is to instill a culture of robust digital hygiene among her participants, thereby making their personal and professional worlds a bit safer.

The cornerstone of Dawn’s approach is twofold. Firstly, she demystifies cyber complexities, making them easy to grasp. Secondly, she immerses her listeners into their own imagination, regardless of the setting being a live or virtual event. Her ability to tap into the listener’s imagination allows even the most tech-averse individuals to comprehend and embrace safer online practices.

Participants in Dawn’s sessions depart armed with practical knowledge they can immediately put into practice. They are left intrigued and yearning for more, a testament to Dawn’s remarkable prowess as a cybersecurity educator.

If you’re seeking an engaging, transformative speaker for your next event—be it live or online—inviting Dawn is the clear choice. Her sessions don’t just educate; they inspire a lasting commitment to online safety.



Over the past two decades, Dawn has been relentlessly studying the mindset and methodologies of cybercriminals, immersing herself in their labyrinthine world. She has an understanding and can anticipate their moves, enabling her to design pre-emptive solutions that outsmart these digital predators.

Her approach, while refreshingly unconventional, is grounded in the ‘4 E’s Principle’: Entertaining, Empathetic, Empowering, and Educational. This principle ensures that her audience not only gains valuable insights but also experiences a session that is engaging and emotionally resonant.

Dawn understands that knowledge is power, and her mission is to equip every participant with practical, actionable strategies. Each attendee leaves her sessions feeling fulfilled, armed with tangible action items that can be implemented immediately to safeguard their digital environments.

Dawn’s keynote presentations, renowned for their disruptive innovation, consistently receive top accolades. They are a testament to her forward-thinking approach that positions her as a trailblazer in the realm of cybersecurity.

Here are a few sample presentations below, so you can check out to see what aligns best with your audience’s needs. With Dawn’s transformative thinking, prepare your audiences to embark on a journey that will redefine their perception of online safety and make them proactive players in this ever-evolving digital landscape.”


Predator Prevention: How to Spot a Predator

This course is specifically designed to teach parents and caregivers on how to protect children from online predators, child sexual abuse material, and  human trafficking. 

They will also learn how to spot the red flags that may indicate their child is at risk of being in contact with a child predator.

With the use of the internet, odds are many kids have at least been in the same chat rooms as an online predator.

Predator Prevention – Spotting the Red Flag Warnings of Child Predators in the Digital Age

60-minutes | 120-minutes

In a world where the digital landscape is evolving at lightning speed, a chilling statistic emerges – the FBI reports over 500,000 online predators’ active daily in the US alone. With an estimated population of 74 million children, this alarming figure suggests that each predator only needs to contact 148 children EACH!

In light of this, we introduce our course, “Guardian Guide: Spotting the Red Flags of Child Predators in the Digital Age”. This critical training program has been meticulously designed to empower parents and caregivers in recognizing the warning signs of their child’s potential interaction with a child predator.

With online grooming and predatory behavior on a frightening upswing, it is imperative that we safeguard our children from these hidden risks. Therefore, this course stands as one of the most crucial learning experiences for any caregiver, significantly contributing to the security of the most vulnerable amongst us – our children.

You don’t need to be a whiz with technology to benefit from this course. We’ve broken down complex concepts into easily understandable lessons, ensuring that you walk away more technologically savvy without feeling overwhelmed.

Join us on this journey as we navigate the perils of the internet together, creating a safer online environment for our children, one digital step at a time. Because nothing matters more than the safety of our children.

Social Engineering Scams and Criminal Behaviors

This course is an engaging, insightful course suitable for groups of any size, from corporations, small businesses, and public events. Whether delivered virtually or in-person, this presentation will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the digital world securely. Let’s make the internet a safer place, one click at a time

Mastering Trust: Unmasking Social Engineering and Securing your Digital Footprint

60-minutes | 120-minutes 

In the heart of this digital age, scammers, social engineers, catfishers, and child predators have crafted an art out of deception, winning our trust to fulfill their destructive plans. Recent data from the FBI suggests that these culprits rely on trust 98% of the time to achieve their nefarious objectives.

This illuminating course is designed to shed light on the hidden dangers of social engineering, a menace so widespread that it impacted 26,379 victims and cost nearly $50 million in a single year, as reported in the 2018 Internet Crime report. Beyond the immediate threat of data breaches, the psychological toll on affected individuals significantly increases the risk profile of any organization.

Drawing parallels from history, we dive into one of the earliest instances of social engineering – the legendary Trojan Horse of 1200 B.C. This seemingly innocent gift led to the downfall of a city, much like how seemingly harmless online interactions can mask significant threats.

We’ll dissect the modus operandi of these digital criminals. Discover how they observe targets, identifying patterns, routines, relationships, and even personal mindsets to craft an irresistible and trustworthy persona. Understanding these tactics, we will develop strategies to counteract their schemes, making their deceptive efforts not just challenging but extremely more difficult.

We Are All Data Owners

We are shifting this crucial mindset and equipping all participants, not just as employees, but as individual data owners, with the skills and knowledge to protect their own data and contribute to the broader fight against cybercrime.

Whether presented live or virtually, this training module is essential not just for organizations but for anyone who interacts with digital platforms, essentially, everyone.

Your Digital Fort: Safeguarding Personal and Professional Data in the Age of Remote Work

60-minutes | 120-minutes 

In the current era of remote work, we all share a common identity – we are all data owners. With the pervasiveness of digital interactions, personal data protection is no longer solely a corporate concern but an individual responsibility.

We seek to instill this crucial mindset shift and equip all participants, not just as employees, but as individual data owners, with the skills and knowledge to protect their own data and contribute to the broader fight against cybercrime.

We believe that when individuals understand the implications of sharing their personal private information and how to safeguard it at home, they can more easily apply these concepts to their work data. This approach works in tandem with existing corporate security training, not replacing, but reinforcing and personalizing it to enhance its effectiveness.

In this course, participants will delve into various types of data including Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Information (PCI), Intellectual Property (IP), and more [1]. They’ll uncover strategies such as Data-in-Motion (DIM), Data-at-Rest (DAR), Data-in-Use (DIU), secure storage and delivery, sensitivity labeling, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

The distinction between personal and business data will be examined, with guidance on how to maintain distinct, secure environments for each.

Join us and fortify your personal digital fortress while contributing to the broader community’s defense against cybercrime. Remember, in the battle against data breaches, every individual makes a difference.

Empowering Personal Defense in the Digital Age

Regardless of whether your organization is a small business or a large corporation, this course can be presented virtually or live, fitting seamlessly into any training program. With this training, your organization can be a part of the solution, actively combating workplace and cyberbullying.

Addressing the Unseen: Navigating Cyber and Workplace Bullying

60-minutes | 120-minutes 

With nearly 30% of Americans admitting to experiencing abusive conduct at work according to the 2021 U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey, it is more important than ever for organizations to confront this insidious issue head-on. In this course, we’ll provide comprehensive training on identifying and addressing workplace and cyberbullying, drawing from evidence-based statistics and data.

Workplace bullying, whether occurring in person or online, doesn’t just cause personal distress. It can also result in tangible costs for an organization in terms of increased employee absenteeism, higher turnover rates, and potential payouts for settlements or severance packages. It’s crucial to realize that these are preventable costs. Organizations that proactively address bullying not only foster healthier work environments, but also protect their bottom line.

This training is designed to help your organization be compliant with existing or emerging laws related to workplace violence, a safety and health issue that has gained significant attention in today’s work environment as highlighted by OSHA. Participants will learn strategies for recognizing signs of bullying, fostering a respectful work culture, and handling incidents effectively when they occur.

Regardless of whether your organization is a small business or a large corporation, this course can be presented virtually or live, fitting seamlessly into any training program. With this training, your organization can be a part of the solution, actively combating workplace and cyberbullying.


Everyone is Part of the Identity Theft Prevention Battle

In this presentation, we focus more on the individual identity, emphasizing the importance of understanding and protecting personal data in the broader context of one’s life story and digital interactions. 

This is a key tool for empowering individuals to protect themselves against identity theft, underscoring the critical role of personal awareness and action in safeguarding one’s digital footprint.

Securing Digital Footprints: Don't Lead the Cybercreeps Right to You

60-minutes | 120-minutes 

In an era where cyber identities intersect with physical lives, the protection of one’s personal identity has become more crucial than ever. Identity theft has soared to become the top reported crime for over two decades, affecting approximately 49 million individuals and culminating in a staggering $56 billion loss in 2021 alone.

Our comprehensive Identity Theft Prevention program dives deeper than mere credit card details and consumer data. Instead, it explores the multifaceted nature of your identity, encompassing everything from your birth to your relationships, your work, your interests, and your digital interactions. It reveals the countless ways your identity is pieced together, highlighting the immense value of each data point and the devastating impact of its theft.

Understanding the intricacies of your identity is pivotal, as the majority of data breaches are born from human error. Every piece of information you share, no matter how innocuous, can become a precious commodity in the hands of cybercriminals. Through our interactive program, I’ll show you just how much information can be discovered about  you online.  My goal is to shift your perception of your digital persona and create a deeper understanding of the risks associated with oversharing.

By elevating the conscious awareness of your personal cyber vulnerabilities, we empower you to recognize threats, prevent risks, and guard against the costly implications of identity theft.

Whether presented virtually or live, our program is designed to resonate with individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and public audiences alike, underlining the universal relevance of identity protection in our interconnected digital world.

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Dawn’s Clients Rave About Her Masterful Workshops and Speeches!

Dawn is an outstanding communicator and professional of integrity, whose actions and goals promote the public good. She is an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker, sharing her life experience and solid research to engage listeners and promote children’s and families’ wellbeing.

Christine Giancarlo

Book Author (Parentectomy), Researcher and Senior Lecturer at Mount Royal University


Dawn is an expert in the areas of cybersecurity and identity theft. She has a passion for working with companies, organizations, and individuals to ensure they have the knowledge to protect themselves from being victims. She collaborates with her clients to take effective steps to prevent and mitigate cybersecurity attacks. It has been great working with Dawn.

Raymond Hooker

Founder of RH and Associates


Dawn is the “Go-To” Subject Matter Expert for keeping organizations, families and individuals safe.

Dawn has an incredible mix of Cyber-Security topics, professional advice, and real-life stories that tie all this critical and necessary information together. If you haven’t attended one of her events or courses, it may be in your best interest to connect with her to learn more about the cyber concerns that we face every day.

Alyse Price-Tobler

Clinical Psychotherapist MCAP.
PhD Student USC, Australia


Unveiling the Dawn of Cybersecurity:

10 Reasons To Choose Dawn for Your Event

Tailored Insight: Dawn delivers content that’s uniquely customized and consistently in tune with today’s challenges. Her addresses resonate deeply, sparking the ‘WOW’ factor audiences crave.

Storytelling Genius: Through captivating stories, Dawn effortlessly spreads awareness, striking a compelling balance between education and entertainment, turning complex subjects into absorbing narratives.

Respect for Time: Acknowledging the value of every minute, Dawn delivers her cybersecurity awareness and identity theft prevention programs in an easy-to-digest manner that always exceeds expectations, leaving no audience disappointed.

Imagination Ignition: Dawn’s presentations stimulate thought, immersing audiences in scenarios that encourage a creative shift in their behaviors and attitudes towards complex cybersecurity topics.

Advocacy Mission: With a mission to create a global network of security advocates, Dawn’s primary goal is to enhance online safety. She firmly believes that financial constraints should never hinder life-changing impacts and welcomes discussions on alternative compensation methods.

Rich Experience: With more than two decades of information technology and cybersecurity experience and being an insider researcher under her belt, Dawn guarantees the most current and informative content, ensuring your audience stays ahead of the curve.

Pursuit of Success: Dawn’s aim is more than a single successful event – she endeavors to forge lasting relationships that bring her back to your stage, ensuring repeated triumphs with her series in training.

The 4 E’s Approach: Dawn’s content is daring yet essential. Infused with her unique 4E’s style – Entertaining, Empathetic, Empowering, and Educational – she leaves audiences with memorable takeaways from her addresses.

Unrivaled Uniqueness: Dawn stands unparalleled in her delivery style, combining her unique set of skills, education, and personal experiences to present critical content in a way that keeps audiences wide awake, on the edge of their seats, and engaged.

A Thankful Audience: The mark of a successful event lies in its resonance with the audience. With Dawn as your speaker, you’ll find your audience expressing their gratitude for her enlightening and empowering presence.

It's Smart to Consider Dawn for Your Next Event!

When you need a speaker that will bring relatable content with enthusiastic interactions, while providing very relevant and pertinent content, Dawn will keep the information at the top of their mind long after they return home.

Inviting Dawn to your event isn’t just about engaging a cybersecurity expert – it’s about embracing a thought leader who’ll leave an indelible mark on your audience.”

Dawn is influential, experienced, and a captivating speaker that will underscore her unique strengths, mission, and delivery style, and emphasizes the significant positive impact she can make on an audience. It is professional and friendly while also carrying a note of influence and expertise, appropriate for a thought leader in her niche.

Dawn has logged and delivered virtually and live, in 37 countries!

Global Experience In the Past 20+ Years:

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