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Dawn's Origin Story

Dawn McCarty is a beacon of resilience and a testament to the human spirit. Her journey, beginning with unthinkable adversity, has forged her into an extraordinary advocate for child safety and a distinguished expert in the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity.

Born into a world where safety should have been her birthright, Dawn’s story unfolds in a chilling chapter of abandonment, abduction, and abuse. An estranged parent tragically uprooted her life, throwing her into an unfamiliar reality with nothing but rejection, abuse, and severe violence in store for her. This tumultuous start left Dawn grappling with feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness, a narrative too familiar for countless children today.

Yet it was in this crucible of turmoil that Dawn’s indomitable spirit took root. The pain of her past forged a future path of empowerment, equipping her with an intimate understanding of what it means to be a vulnerable child in a world brimming with unseen dangers.

The year 2020, a turning point in our digital history, was Dawn’s call to arms. Reports of child abuse escalated in the cyber realm, underscoring a truth Dawn understood all too well – that every child has the right to a secure childhood, both offline and online. It was time to confront the monster of her past and guide others to safer futures.

Today, Dawn stands apart, wielding her knowledge and experience as a weapon against cyber threats. As a thought leader, influencer, and subject matter expert, she strides on the battlefield of cybersecurity with a clear mission – to empower parents to safeguard their children’s digital lives.

That is not all she does, while she educates on an individual level, it works extremely well for businesses. This is because corporate training focuses on protecting the organization’s data, but here’s the thing about that training, it does not translate into the home.

When Dawn teaches individuals how to protect their own data and identities, that does translate back into the workplace. Training the individual helps strengthen our security landscape overall.  

Her training is supplemental to corporate training, which benefits corporations because it reaches further than corporate training can, by helping employees secure their homes and devices.

Her reasons for targeting individuals and employees are twofold:

1) Everyone needs to know how to protect data and identities and
2) Almost everyone either has kids or knows someone who does.

Combined with her personal journey, Dawn’s training underscores her dedication, making her voice all the more compelling.

Her origin story is a testament to her commitment to this mission, setting her apart from other speakers and establishing her as a trusted authority. Prepare to immerse yourself in Dawn’s remarkable journey—a tale of overcoming adversity, championing child safety, and leading the charge in a progressive cybersecurity training. Be ignited by her resilience and join her in the fight against cybercrime, because every child deserves a secure future.

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