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Dawn McCarty is the CEO of Securing Everything LLC and The Founder and Creator of Safe@Home Online Security Academy.

She helps helps the average person, families, entrepreneurs, and small business owners secure their home and office networks, so that they can protect their data, identities, and their children from the hidden online dangers they may be facing. 

“We are all just one click away from being the next cyber victim, but we do not have to be at such a great risk.  With the right tools and a little bit of knowledge share, the average person can become their own home cyber expert.”  

Featured Interview with the Expert's Expert

Dr. Eric Cole of Secure Anchor

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Listen as Dr. Cole and Dawn McCarty discuss:

  • The current state of  the worlds cybersecurity needs
  • The important role of a Virtual Chief Information Officer’s (vCISO)
  • How vCISO’s can be instrumental in translating both the businesses and security needs, in order to overcome the risk vs. costs hurtles
  • The acceptable level’s of risk when we consider things “secure, and more.

Back to the Basics… You can outsource security, you can outsource monitoring, you can outsource detection, but you cannot outsource liability”.  Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Cole also points out (at 20:33) what Dawn has built into her mission and product suite as for the reason why we need to get cybersecurity into the homes; “…your home network isn’t set up to run a business.  People have wireless, they have their password as goldfish or something silly,  because it’s not secure, some people still have windows 7 computers with no endpoint security, so that creates the second big exposure point”. 

Securing Everything’s Projects, Products & Services

Our mission is to help our communities to be safer online, whether that is in our Nation’s Capitol, your small businesses, or your home. 

The Government and Corporate America protect their critical assets and infrastructures from the top down, so this movement will help the average person to protect from the ground up.  The only way to stop the bad actors from taking what is yours, is to make their job extremely difficult, and that begins with YOU!  

It was people that helped to end wars, and it will take the people to fight this one.  Yes, even if you haven’t realized it, we are ALL at war with these cybercriminals and it will take everyone learning how to fight them off and to win. 


“You are only ONE click, just one vulnerability from giving it all away!” ~Dawn McCarty

“We are no longer the Department of “No”… we have to evolve beyond that mindset to really be effective”

~Dawn McCarty

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