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Who is Dawn McCarty?

Dawn McCarty is a cybersecurity expert who was recognized in Forbes and Contemporary Family for empowering and advocating for mental health and wellness globally and the impact of cyber trauma (identity theft, child predators, cyberbullying, etc.). Her competencies—skills, knowledge, and experience—provide her with extensive experience and expertise in information technology and online cybersecurity.

Dawn is a two-time award-winning cybersecurity expert, a #1 international best-selling author, and a master storyteller who has a deep understanding of the potential risks and threats associated with online activity and the practical strategies that can be implemented to protect her audiences and clients’ online privacy and security.

Dawn was employed and presented at organizations like Optum, United Healthcare, and Kiwanis, as well as major corporations such as IBM, the US Department of Energy, SAIC, and Bonneville Power.

Dawn has been interviewed by Forbes, Contemporary Family Magazine, Broken Families, Slam the Gavel, 91.1 The Boss, and other well-respected and noted venues. Her op-eds have been published in the Orlando Sentinel.

Dawn is an Associate Producer for the documentary film called Erasing Family, the Founding Chair for the National Parent’s Organization’s Florida Chapter (2019-2022), and is on the Board of Directors for Kids Need Both, Safe Teens Online, and Damo’s Law (all with a global reach).


Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Dawn McCarty all have something in common:

Steve Jobs wanted to put 1,000 songs in your pocket.

Bill Gates wanted to put a computer on every desk and in every home.

Dawn McCarty is on a mission to help you protect your digital products created by visionaries like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!

Having Dawn as a keynote speaker is comparable to having Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in their respective industries.
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