Dawn McCarty

Over 20 years in Information and Cyber Security experience

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What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Dawn McCarty all have in common?

Steve Jobs wanted to put 1000 songs in your pocket.

Bill Gates wanted to put a computer on every desk and in every home.

Dawn McCarty wants to put a home cybersecurity expert into the homes, to help the average person protect all the products that these two pioneers created.

She has created a movement to help bring cybersecurity to everyone around the world, by revealing the best kept secrets in being secure for homes and businesses.

“People do not need to be industry experts, they just need access to one.”  ~Dawn McCarty

Dawn’s mission is to reveal the best kept secret in online security and empower families and entrepreneurs to secure their home and office networks, so that they can protect data, identities, and their clients and families.

Making cyber simple will teach the average person how they can create the safest home environment possible.  

Her Experience includes:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Co-Creator and Product Owner of Proprietary and Patented End Point Scanning and Remediation tool
  • RSA Super Administrator
  • Server Access and Control
  • Policy and Procedures Author

Roles & Positions:

  • Founder and CEO of Security Everything LLC
  • Founder/Creator of Safe@Home Online Security Academy 
  • CIO & Member of the Board of Directors for Kids Need Both, Inc.
  • The Founding Chair for National Parents Organization of Florida
  • Host on Securing Everything, InsideOut Blog Talk Radio, and Humanly Possible
  • Co-Host for BYOB Morning Show
  • International Speaker
  • Author

You can become part of the Safe@Home movement by joining the tribe at bit.ly/cybersafehome.

Check out the Safe@Home Product Suite here 


  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice – Victimology
  • Masters in Criminal Justice – Management
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Her Humanitarian Passion Projects:

  • Co-Founder of the Humanly Possible Channel
  • Adverse Childhood Trauma Consultant
  • Guardian ad Litem

You do not need to be an industry expert, you just need access to one!"

~ Dawn McCarty

What others have had to say...

OMG!! Dawn McCarty your workshop on cyber security opened my eyes to so many hidden dangers I never even thought about.
This workshop is a MUST for everyone in the household that uses the web especially our precious little ones.
Thank you for this information!!!
Nerissa M.
Business Coach
Dawn McCarty the Queen of CyberSecurity!! I learned so much from your presentation!! Totally needed in this virtual age. Thank you for your expertise and passion regarding keeping our families and children safe online!!
Monique S.
Ret. Capt. US Army
Dawn thank you for not being afraid to disrupt the status quo by telling us the truth about how vulnerable we are to predators. Thank you for letting us know that we don’t have to be. My grandchildren don’t have to fall prey to predators neither do I
Vicki M.
CEO & Educator
Amazing presentation! So many families and homes are sitting vulnerable unaware that they're at risk of cyber dangers lurking for opportunities. Thank you so much for the insight and I'll definitely share your services with others.
Virlynn S. R.
CEO & Entrepreneur